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Saving Your Furniture and Why Chemical Treatments Fail!

Bed Bugs will infiltrate your Beds, Couches, Suitcases, Nightstands, Desks, Chairs, Dressers, Picture Frames, Blinds, and many other things. Getting rid of your Beds or couches will not get rid of the problem. Throwing these items away is required with Chemical only Treatments. This is because the Pest Control Company is limited to where they can treat with Chemicals. If Bugs can remain in a place that provides a food source, “YOU”, without having to cross over the Chemicals, then the infestation can continue unaffected. This is why you have to toss these expensive items out.

Home dynamics plays a part in Chemical only re-infestations, for example, having Children in the Home that play on the floor then back on the furniture could return a Bug to an area that cannot be treated by Chemicals, causing the infestation to continue.

Another way is by just kicking your feet up on a Chair or reclining Couch with your Shoes on that a Bed Bug found its way into. It’s the dynamics of a Home that weakens the service for a Chemical only Bed Bug Treatment. This is why it fails. It takes time for the Chemical only service to be effective and in the meantime the home dynamics can unintentionally disrupt the effectiveness of the treatment. Only in the most ideal circumstances can Chemicals work. Chemical treatments require a minimum of 3 Treatments to try and overcome all stages of Life and home dynamics.

All the meanwhile overexposing your Home and Family to several Chemical applications until you don’t find any more Bed Bugs is unsafe and unwise. With Heat Treatment Bed Bug removal, the Furniture and everything else in the Home is heated beyond the lethal temperature required to kill Bed Bugs and their Eggs. This eliminates the infestation in a single Treatment not allowing Home dynamics to play a part in reducing Treatment effectiveness. However, both of these Treatments, Heat and Chemicals will not reach the Bed Bugs in the walls normally associated with heavy infestations. These Bugs must be isolated in the walls with Chemicals. This is taken care of with a wall outlet and baseboard Chemical Treatment. Isolating them in the walls gives them no choice but to cross over Chemicals to find food. With the Heat and the Chemical isolation Treatment, the Bed Bugs and the Eggs will all be eliminated in one Treatment saving all your Furniture as well.

Store Products, Rental Bed Bug Heaters, and Space Heaters. Why don't they work?

Some people would rather try to do it themselves with Bed Bug Bombs, Sprays that say they work, alcohol that kills only on contact, and yes renting Heat Treatment Equipment. Let’s step through some of this. Chemicals that are available over the counter only have to kill a Bed Bug so long as it kills in an ideal environment. This would be like a glass bowl that 100% of the product is on the surface unlike Couches and Beds that soak up 80% of the Chemical. Also the Bug cannot get away. If the Bug can get away from a product that that it can detect it will and just about all the over the counter products are detectable by Bed Bugs and take long exposure times to kill them with 100% of the product on surface.

But that is not how the real world works. So since they can kill a Bed Bug in a Lab it can be sold to you. Products that are sold over the counter that are effective kill on direct contact. However your wasting you money because so will alcohol. These products and alcohol will kill on contact but only good as long as it’s wet.

Soon as it dries up its gone no longer killing Bed Bugs. You need to be able to set up Chemical borders that are effective and non-detectable by Bed Bugs that work to kill them at first contact. This is not available to the public. But as we explained above chemical only doesn’t work on its own. The Foggers will kill Bed Bugs on surfaces. Bed Bugs can detect those Foggers and also will insulate themselves from it. No matter how many you use it won’t fix it and the Bed Bugs will only root themselves deeper.