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How did I get Bed Bugs?

First bed bugs do not come from outside, no your Dog or Cat did not bring them in to the Home, and getting Bed Bugs is just bad luck really has nothing to do with your social class or how clean your Home is. Bed Bugs only have one way they come in, they were transferred in by a Person at some point because that Person or Personal Belongings were in another location that has Bed Bugs. Once the Pest has infested that Home it will travel throughout that home or through walls in Apartment buildings infesting several units.

Bed Bugs can easily be found and picked up at Hotels, Friend’s Houses, Family’s Houses, Restaurants, Movie Theaters, the DMV even, just about any Home or indoor public place you can think of.

People that can bring them to your Home can be, a Cleaning Service, Hospice, Caretakers, Friends visiting, Family visiting, or just about anyone that brings themselves or their belongings into your Home. Also as to be noted they will not likely survive in your Car unless you keep it in the Garage. If you put the Car outside in the sun it will get hot enough to kill them off. However, in winter or cooler environments the cool weather will insulate them. Its best to put a digital temperature monitor in the Car to ensure it got hot enough inside. Typically 130 degrees should be enough in the Car after several hours since there is not much in the Car for them to insulate themselves. If your Car is full of stuff remove the items unless it’s your intention to heat those items as well then extend the heating time.

Bed Buds the Scary Truth
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Bed Bugs have developed a resistance to Chemicals making most Pest Control Chemical Treatments ineffective. Do it yourself Bed Bug removal sprays only repel Bed Bugs into new hiding spots. So while you may think you have done away with them, a couple days to month later they will come back. Heat is the #1 solution that no Bed Bug can live through!


Females Bed Bugs are capable of producing 250 Eggs in a single life cycle. The Eggs normally hatch within 6 to 10 days. It will then take upwards of 1 to 4 months to reach an age of reproductive maturity, dependent on Environmental Temperatures. The warmer the Environment, the faster they reach adulthood. The Females will soon after becoming mature will hitchhike around the house as well starting Infestations else where while you’re unaware of them in the new locations. This exacerbates the Infestation as it takes hold of your Home. Calling a Pest Control Company for Bed Bug removal is your best defense.

Hitch Hiking

A pregnant Female Bed Bug is most likely to be the one to hitchhike Home with you. They do so to avoid the males that try reproducing with her. The more times a Female breeds after getting pregnant, the fewer Eggs she will produce. Migrating stimulates their Biology to maximize Egg production. Bed Bugs have been found to nest even as high as the Ceilings. They will pass behind Wall Plates and use your Wiring or Fire Sprinklers as a transit system to other locations of the Home. With our Service not only do we get them in the cracks and crevices but we get them in the Walls as well.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

Signs include:

  • Rusty or reddish stains on Bed Sheets.
  • Dark spots (about this size: •), these spots are Bed Bug excrement and may bleed on the fabric as a marker would.
  • Eggs and Eggshells (about 1mm) are pale yellow skins that Nymphs shed as they grow larger.
  • Live Bed Bugs
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Survivability of Bed Bugs

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  1. Death within minutes due to extreme cold.
  2. Death within months if acclimated to the cold area.
  3. Death within weeks or months due to the inability to breed.
  4. Slower Reproduction due to a warmer environment.
  5. Perfect climate for fast reproduction.
  6. Heat in the environment will slow reproduction
  7. Death within a day to weeks due to extreme heat.
  8. Death in minutes due to reaching thermal kill zone.

Bed Bug Hiding Areas

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Common hiding places include:

  • Box Spring (34.6%)
  • Couch and/or Chair (22.6%)
  • Mattress (22.4%)
  • Bed Frame and/or Head Board (13.4%)
  • Other (3.1%)
  • Walls and/or Ceilings (2.3%)
  • Baseboard (1.4%)
  • Dresser and/or Night Stand (0.2%)

Bugs are also found in: 

Clothing, Bedding, Curtains, Luggage, Handbags, Gym Bags, Backpacks, Luggage Racks, Closets, Coffee tables, End Tables, Under Rugs, Carpet Edges, and within Clutter Piles.

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