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Understanding the Bed Bug

Saving Your Furniture and Why Chemical Treatments Fail!

Bed Bugs will infiltrate your beds, couches, suitcases, nightstands, desks, chairs, dressers, picture frames, blinds, and many other things. Getting rid of your beds or couches will not get rid of the problem. Throwing these items away is required with chemical only treatments. This is because the Pest control company is limited to where they can treat with chemicals. If bugs can remain in a place that provides a food source, “YOU”, without having to cross over the chemicals, then the infestation can continue unaffected. This is why you have to toss these expensive items out.

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Home dynamics plays a part in chemical only re-infestations, for example, having children in the home that play on the floor then back on the furniture could return a bug to an area that cannot be treated by chemicals, causing the infestations to continue.

Another way is by just kicking your feet up on a chair or reclining couch with your shoes on that a bedbug found its way into. It’s the dynamics of a home that weakens the service for a chemical only bed bug treatment. This is why it fails. It takes time for the chemical only service to be effective and in the meantime the home dynamics can unintentionally disrupt the effectiveness of the treatment. Only in the most ideal circumstances can chemicals work. Chemical treatments require a minimum of 3 treatments to try and overcome all stages of life and home dynamics.

All the meanwhile overexposing your home and family to several chemical applications until you don’t find any more bed bugs is unsafe and unwise. With heat treatment bed bug removal, the furniture and everything else in the home is heated beyond the lethal temperature required to kill bed bugs and their eggs. This eliminates the infestation in a single treatment not allowing home dynamics to play a part in reducing treatment effectiveness. However, both of these treatments, heat and chemicals will not reach the bed bugs in the walls normally associated with heavy infestations. These bugs must be isolated in the walls with chemicals. This is taken care of with a wall outlet and baseboard chemical treatment. Isolating them in the walls gives them no choice but to cross over chemicals to find food. With the heat and the chemical isolation treatment, the bed bugs and the eggs will all be eliminated in one treatment saving all your furniture as well.

How did I get bed bugs?

Well let’s first dispose of a few Myths. First bed bugs do not come from outside, no your dog or cat did not bring them in to the home, and getting bed bugs is just bad luck really has nothing to do with your social class or how clean your home is. Bed Bugs only have one way they come in, they were transferred in by a person at some point because that person or personal belongings were in another location that has bed bugs. Once the pest has infested that home it will travel throughout that home or through walls in apartment buildings infesting several units.

Bedbug can easily be found and picked up at hotels, friend’s houses, family’s houses, restaurants, movie theaters, the DMV even, just about any home or indoor public place you can think of.

People that can bring them to your home can be, cleaning service, hospice, caretakers, friends visiting, family visiting, or just about anyone that brings themselves or their belongings into your home. Also as to be noted they will not likely survive in your car unless you keep it in the garage. If you put the car outside in the sun it will get hot enough to kill them off. However, in winter or cooler environments the cool weather will insulate them. Its best to put a digital temperature monitor in the car to ensure it got hot enough inside. Typically 130 degrees should be enough in the car after several hours since there is not much in the car for them to insulate themselves. If your car is full of stuff remove the items unless it’s your intention to heat those items as well then extend the heating time.

Store Products, Rental Bed Bug Heaters, and Space Heaters. Why it wont work?

Some people would rather try to do it themselves with bed bug bombs, sprays that say they work, alcohol that kills only on contact, and yes renting heat treatment equipment. Let’s step through some of this. Chemicals that are available over the counter only have to kill a bed bug so long as it kills in an ideal environment. This would be like a glass bowl that 100% of the product is on the surface unlike couches and beds that soak up 80% of the chemical. Also the bug cannot get away. If the bug can get away from a product that that it can detect it will and just about all the over the counter products are detectable by bed bugs and take long exposure times to kill them with 100% of the product on surface.

But that is not how the real world works. So since they can kill a bed bug in a lab it can be sold to you. Products that are sold over the counter that are effective kill on direct contact. However your wasting you money because so will alcohol. These products and alcohol will kill on contact but only good as long as it’s wet.

Soon as it dries up its gone no longer killing bed bugs. You need to be able to set up chemical borders that are effective and non-detectable by bed bugs that work to kill them at first contact. This is not available to the public. But as we explained above chemical only doesn’t work on its own. The foggers will kill bed bugs on surfaces bug bed bugs can detect them and also will insulate from them. No matter how many you use it won’t fix it and the bed bugs will only root themselves deeper.

You need to add heat to the equation with a pest control grade chemical treatment. Space heaters are only designed to get up to 104 degrees before the thermocouple shuts it off to prevent fires. The inner products inside the heater are not designed to run at those temperatures and will break down. This is very dangerous and in the event of a fire your insurance will not pay out since you performed this dangerous maneuver intentionally. Also doing it yourself with rented bed bug units is ineffective for 2 reasons. The first one is there is not enough power in the home to heat your environment. So they tell you that the heat will climb slower so run the unit for 24 hours and your limited to only the amount of space your house power can handle.

This brings us to the second reason. The bed bug will have sufficient time to escape the treatment as it grows more uncomfortable for them. A sale tactic often used is frogs in a pot brought to a slow boil will not jump out actually that’s false and just a Myth. The bed bugs will escape and not have a pest control grade product to kill them off on the baseboards and wall outlets as they pass through walls to escape. They will pass to a non-heated room available to them do to power restrictions. This allows the bugs to escape and will not be enough to heat the common area. With our system we will bring a dedicated generator to your home that has the power to heat the entire home at once. Giving them nowhere to hide unless then hide in the walls that share to the outside. However, those outlets and baseboards are treated with products that can handle the heat prior to heats. On the retreat they try to get into the walls just to have to cross the chemicals once again eliminating them. This is the most effective for bed bug removal.

Why is bed bug treatments expensive, why is Thermaflow Heat cheaper then the rest and why I should choose Thermaflow heat?

Bed bugs require a lot of work from a pest control company. Your standard quarterly treatment for standard pest outside only is about 90 dollars. A tech will only spend about 20 minutes at your home. Including travel time that tech rate for the company is about 200 an hour. This person has been through extensive testing through the state and has a wealth of information they have acquired. Bed Bugs are not included in the standard pest control service. They also take a lot longer to kill off. For chemical only service they may take 2 to 3 hours per trip to complete a service for bed bugs and would have to make several trips. This is normally the cheapest way to go. You’re paying payroll, travel, and chemicals basically.

As you read above it has many disadvantages to choosing this method and with a simple Research and you will find many suffered losses due to failed chemical services. As for heat treatment, you have a normally 2 people at your job. The job normally starting early around 8 am doesn’t completed till 4 to 6 pm. This is a long day normally requires overtime and burns a lot of fuel to get the service done right. However the cost is not so bad from the company the price inflates quickly when they are subcontracting out the work. The problem is most companies are not busy enough with bed bug jobs to make the investment into the equipment, which can run $180,000 just to set up a system from a 3500sq ft. home. So they will subcontract it out to another company that only does bed bugs. So companies may get a small trailer set up for 4 to 6 heats for around $80,000 to do their own but limited to less than 1500 sq. ft. at best.

We have 22 heaters in inventory and can handle up to 6,000 sq. ft. Since we own out own system we have a lot at stake with our reputation. So you will get someone that cares about the reputation of the service and who deals with bed bugs daily not every so often. We consider ourselves specialists because that’s all we do. Our techs have seen so many jobs we know what works and what doesn’t. So you are getting one of the best systems in Southern California for bed bug extermination and you’re also getting someone with knowledge and understanding way beyond your standard pest control company. Then we will warranty the job for 60 days. If you need to have any follow up treatment we will give you another 60 day warranty so long as you are not re-infesting your home by bringing them back in again. If you follow our rules to protect your home you will likely never have them ever again.

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Bed Bugs have developed a resistance to chemicals making most pest control chemical treatments ineffective. Do it yourself bed bug removal sprays only repel bed bugs into new hiding spots. So while you may think you have done away with them, a couple days to month later they will come back. Heat is the #1 solution that no Bed Bug can live through!


Females Bed Bugs are capable of producing 250 eggs in a single life cycle. The eggs normally hatch within 6 to 10 days. It will then take upwards of 1 to 4 months to reach an age of reproductive maturity, dependent on environmental temperatures. The warmer the environment, the faster they reach adulthood. The females will soon after becoming mature will hitchhike around the house as well starting infestations else where while you’re unaware of them in the new locations. This exacerbates the infestation as it takes hold of your home. Calling a pest contral company for bed bug removal is your best defenses.

Hitch Hicking

 A pregnant female bedbug is most likely to be the one to hitchhike home with you. They do so to avoid the males that try reproducing with her. The more times a female breeds after getting pregnant, the fewer eggs she will produce. Migrating stimulates their biology to maximize egg production. Bed bugs have been found to nest even as high as the ceilings. They will pass behind wall plates and use your wiring or fire sprinklers as a transit system to other locations of the home. With our service not only do we get them in the cracks and crevices but we get them in the walls as well.

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