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Understanding the Bed Bug


Bed Bugs have developed a resistance to chemicals making most chemical treatments ineffective. This can make the problem worse since bed bugs can go dormant for over a year when threatened by chemical treatments. So while you may think you have done away with them, a month later they may come back. Heat is the #1 solution that no Bed Bug can live through!


Females Bed Bugs are capable of producing 250 eggs in a single life cycle. The eggs normally hatch within 6 to 10 days. It will then take upwards of 1 to 4 months to reach an age of reproductive maturity, dependent on environmental temperatures. The warmer the environment, the faster they reach adulthood.

Hitch Hicking

 A pregnant female bedbug is most likely to be the one to hitchhike home with you. They do so to avoid the males that try reproducing with her. The more times a female breeds after getting pregnant, the fewer eggs she will produce. Migrating stimulates their biology to maximize egg production. Bed bugs have been found to nest even as high as the ceilings. They will pass behind wall plates and use your wiring or fire sprinklers as a transit system to other locations of the home. With our service not only do we get them in the cracks and crevices but we get them in the walls as well.

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